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Founded in 2005, TCM-Gaming (TCM) is a professional gaming team and marketing/media company which has HQ in the UK, but works alongside gamers and partners from across the globe. TCM Specialises in managing professional players, event management, online/offline broadcasting and promoting partners via creative and engaging campaigns targeting at the competitive gaming industry.

Originally formed in January 2005 under the name eSourceUK, the company has evolved from being a simple set of friends playing for fun, to a distinguished full scale business, with dedicated players and staff from all over the United Kingdom, Europe and the World. In November of 2007 it was agreed that the team would take a radical new direction solely representing head sponsor and world leading cooling specialist – CoolerMaster. This relationship helped ensure they could stay around for the duration and become a well known and successful organisation.

January 2010 brought about a re-branding to TCM-Gaming, eliminating one dedicated sponsor, allowing us to re-focus and relaunch with a wider variety of partners. Today, we work closely with our partners to enable them to reach a direct demographic of grassroot, hardcore and professional standard gamers and an audience that is one of the most passionate industries in the world. We help them showcase their products, services and message to the masses, but in such a way that helps Esports grow as a whole.


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