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TCM-Gaming Call of Duty 4 change one!

TCM-Gaming Call of Duty 4 change one!

Today the TCM-Gaming Call of Duty 4 team have been forced to make a change in the team.

With  Nick ’toxjee’ Hol not being able to be active enough over the coming months due to real-life commitments, he has decided to take a step back from the team. Nick wont be leaving the team, but will move into a backup position.

Joining the team will be former eSuba player  Petr ’hectic’ König, who will be making his official debut at the upcoming BenQ Grunex LAN in February.


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TCM-Gaming COD4's Petr König commented:

"When I played together with paradox and luboshmir at local lans in Czech Republic, I felt that I would like to play competetively again with these guys. I left old eSuba team few months ago and living without cod4 wasnt bad, but being part of team like TCM-Gaming is just offer you cant really refuse, who wouldnt join team who was beating you almost 2 years constantly :P.

So I'm happy that im back in CoD4 and I'm really looking forward to our first event which will be BENQ Grunex LAN in February. See you on battlefields!"


 TCM-Gaming COD4's Nick Hol commented:

"I've decided to take a step back with COD4 as I will be having less time to play in the coming months, instead I will continue as a backup player!"


TCM-Gaming Call of Duty 4 roster is as follows:

 Erik 'FrosteR' van den Biggelaar
 Declan 'germaine' Elcocks
 Jan 'paradox' Duchon 
 Lubomir 'Luboshmir' Pešák 
 Petr 'hectic' König
 Nick 'toxjee' Hol (Backup)

Tue 3rd Jan 2012 - 8:38pm Category: COD4