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CCL/BenQ support TCM-Gaming pro teams at i44

CCL/BenQ support TCM-Gaming pro teams at i44

It is not only practice and skill that brings you success, but also the hardware on which you play. Playing on high-end hardware is an essential for any hardcore gamer that is looking to get the edge on his opponent, and this weekend CCL Computers and BenQ have teamed up to support TCM-Gaming pro teams with high spec systems.

Above - TCM-Gaming Battlefield 3 and Call of  Duty 4 playing on their CCL systems and BenQ monitors

CCL System Specs:

- AMD Phenom Quad Core Processor

- ATI 6890 2GB Graphics Card

- Antec 300 Chassis

- Antec 750W PSU

- Motherboard by Gigabyte


Key features with the BenQ XL2410T Monitors

120Hz Refresh Rate

With a screen image that’s redrawn 120 times every single second, there’s never a lag between what’s happening in the virtual world of your favorite game and what you actually see on screen. Drawing on hyper-speed video processing technology, the XL2410T gives on-screen action a captivating realism. 

Display Modes

The display mode hotkey makes changing the size of the screen content as simple and quick as a button press. Instantly switch among 17”, 19”, 19” widescreen, and 22” widescreen formats so you get the best possible view of whatever you happen to be watching.

FPS Mode

BenQ’s team worked with HeatoN and SpawN to develop a display mode attuned to the needs of shooter game aficionados. The aim was to create a display mode that provides gamers with a totally accurate representation of each scene in a virtual world so they’re never put at a disadvantage in a key encounter with the enemy because of hardware shortcomings. 

2ms GTG Response Time

A super short response time means both fast-moving action and dramatic transitions are rendered cleanly, without the smearing or ghosting that’s not only annoying but can affect your performance when a millisecond can make the difference between a successful sneak attack and a strike that ends in failure.


Sat 19th Nov 2011 - 11:58pm Category: Competition